You and Your Loved One's Forever Webpage

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Let us create your forever webpage

Let us create your forever webpage to ensure that future generations know who you are and benefit from your life lessons. Information for your page will come from a one hour interview either in person or by phone and through other information provided by you.

Your page will include:

  • Personal information – name, marital status, date born, place of birth, profile picture
  • Media Album – up to 10 photograph provided by you
  • List of schools attended
  • Military service – up to 100 words
  • List of places lived including up to 5 photos of homes provided by you
  • List of places you worked
  • List of accomplishments and honors
  • List of the names of up to 10 family members i.e. spouse, children, mother, father, grandparents
  • Hobbies / Interest – up to 100 words
  • Personality and physical traits – up to 100 words
  • Sports played – up to 100 words
  • Natural abilities – up to 100 words
  • Health issues – up to 100 words
  • Life story - up to 1500 words
  • Life lessons learned  - up to 100 words
  • Advice to future generations –up to 100 words
  • For departed loved ones:
         Real-time directions to the final resting place
         Images of final resting place - up to 5 images

Introductory Offer

​​​​​​​(Includes 1-minute audio recording)



  • Audio recordings embedded in webpage
  • Video recordings embedded in webpage
  • Additional words
  • Additional images
  • Additional research